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EST. 14th of February, 2012


Battle Royal for Halo CE (wip)

Well I have been trying to bring some mechanics from games like PUBG to Halo a the moment I'm just using a gametype with 200% health with no shields and the "safe area" shrinks every 2 minutes forcing players to go to the center of the map, this is done lots of scripts/events for this, I know nothing about LUA so I'm limited to sapp events and looks like thats not best approach for this.


Sprinting - I'm using 002's script.

Bandages - Replaced plasma nades with events for the command [/heal] that will heal the player for 20% of his health over 10 secs.

Weapon Balance - I'm using scripts from Giraffe and 002 to nerf/buff some weapons at the moment the magnum can't land headshots and is 30% less acurate, AR is 60% more acurate.


Preventing weapons from despawn - get the "loot" from other players don't despawn after they get killed, I have no idea if thats even possible.

Safe Area - Already got the damaging effect working but I have no idea about how to place a nav point to indicate where the players should go (this is why the area always shrinks to the center).



Custom loot - I was thinking about using locs and randomizing it so I could place stuff but I still need to delete the stock weapons of the maps and preventing them from respawning, looks like it's not possible with events.

Custom player spawns - same as loot it should be easy just to set up some random locs around


so I'm looking for suggestions (and help) to improve this


if anyone want to take a look at what I got so far I'll attach the sapp config that I'm using it includes the map "New_Mombasa_Classic" that I'm using to test this


Battle Royal.7z

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Don't know if possible but using a modded king of the hill gametype might help with nav points and also randomizing safe zone

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