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Bitcoin Mining Is Driving PC Prices Through The Roof

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I am very glad I got my 1080ti when I did.  I was debating waiting until next gen for a price drop or just to get the newer version.  I could probably sell my AORUS for several hundred in profit.  Which I absolutely will not do.  But if the mining bubble DOES burst, and I find a 1080ti for like $400 then hot diggity I might just have myself a futureproof 4k rig on my hands.  


A friend of mine is in a much worse boat though.  He's only just now able to start building a gaming machine and he's got these awful RAM prices to deal with.  I have a 270X he'll probably use but that's not going to be a great experience so hopefully this doesn't last too long. 

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I thought so...I was looking at GFX cards to finally upgrade off of the integrated, but about the only thing in my price range is a 1050. I was expecting to be able to get a 1060 at least.

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I see that the thread is probably dead, but I would like to give my opinion on the topic anyways. Recently I wanted to start mining bitcoin, but after I saw the graphic cards prices I immediately refused doing it, I couldn't believe my eyes, miners pumped the prices too much in my opinion. So instead of mining I got into trading cryptocurrencies and investing for long term. I am a bit of a novice, so I use signals from smartoptions.io for trading because a good friend of mine recommended me to do so, he uses signals too and makes good money off of it, is anyone here who does this too and could advise me if my strategy is good.

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Stay the fuck away from /r/wallstreetbets. But /r/investing is pretty good. Remember to always do your own due diligence.


The current problem with PC prices is a variety of problems. Yes, miners do influence demand but more people doing school and work remotely, an increase in gaming because more people are staying at home, and manufacturers shutting down and/or slowing production because of the pandemic has both placed a massive demand for hardware and created a shortage in supply. It's real bad, and it'll take at the very least several months to stabilize. But all of that is tangential to your real question. You could probably get into mining in a year or two without draining your life's savings.

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