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Simple .lua timer



I'm just looking for an example of a simple .lua timer script to repeat the spawn of a flare (it's a weap tag on aLTis's Bigass Final map) that would otherwise burn for 30 seconds and then disappear. I currently have it running on event_alive so it respawns every second and it looks clunky as all buggery 


Thank you please.

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Never scripted in lua before. But here is my take from a lot of googling and some corrections from 002:


api_version = ""

minutes = 0
seconds = 0

function OnScriptLoad()
    timer(1000, "TimerFunction")

function TimerFunction()
    seconds = seconds + 1
    if seconds == 60 then
        seconds = 0
        minutes = minutes + 1
    cprint(minutes .. ":" .. string.format("%02d",seconds))

You may still want a way to clear the screen so they don't pile up and a way to make the timer appear on the right side of the screen.

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