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Events System

Using sapp 10.1 on CE - sapp is running ok but my events.txt file isn't being read and implemented.. am I missing something somewhere - any ideas why it's not working ?


Maybe it's an encoding issue - what's the correct encoding type to use for sapp files.. Unicode, UTF-8, Western European (Windows) etc ?



Tried various encoding types.. sapp still not reading the events file :(

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what error message are you getting? are you sure that you are not putting it in a wrong dir?

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No error message.. just nothing happening eg. join welcome messages not showing etc. The server is hosted by Elite GS, and this is what I have, which is the standard event file text from Elite GS.


event_join 'w8 8;say $n "Welcome to this Halo server, hosted by Elite Game Servers, $name!" '
event_end 'w8 12;say * "Our servers are hosted by Elite Game Servers. Visit elitegameservers.net to get your own awesome gameserver!"'


I've also tried adding other events, but nothing happens - even though sapp is running.


The file is in the main sapp folder with the other files.. sapp init, mapcycle, mapvote etc.


I've mailed support anyway to see what they think.. fingers crossed :)


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Ok.. this is now fixed. The events file must have been corrupt in some way. Deleted the file and reloaded sapp - this created a new events file - which is now working ok.



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