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[RANT] Consideration and Thoughtfulness in the Supermarket

If you go get groceries before Christmas (or any other holiday), then it's your own fault. I should've understood this. But really, I only forgot two items from my last grocery venture: a glass of sour pickles and some sausage. I was quite positive that 80% of the other germans in the supermarket thought that too.


First of all, it's obvious there'll be people coming, who simply didn't have time to get some big groceries. That means: Tight, crowded pathways, people pushing through, humans that are reaching for the same piece of cheese to eventually growl at each other.


Yup, Christmas is clearly the time of contemplation. This should be the perfect day to show that, some consideration and thoughtfulness, for one day only.

But not in the supermarket. You will notice how little care the average person has. You'd literally have to crawl through the giant crowd like some assassin before you almost hit the yoga pants of "Stressed Mum 7" on gear 3, because she had to stop in the middle of the pathway without caution for casualties from the back and just started looking around like an okapi, as if there was a leopard between her instant-noodles and canned olives. You'd really need lightning-fast reaction timing for that! Just please, look around first before hitting the hand brakes, you stressed person. You could've, like, not put your cart across the pathway, but just put it on the left or right to put some space!


After dodging that chaos, you can put up the next gear, until you're almost hit by another cart that's being steered by 2 insane children that seem to want to reenact "The Fast & Furious - Tokyo Drift".


At the meat counter now. People this time are standing in line at the back, in the front and in the middle and are all somehow first. This is the premier league of consideration. Atleast I just had to pickup the already-packed sausage I wanted in the first place, otherwise I'd have pleasantly hit someone in the eye with it.


After dodging for the tenth time and after an encounter with a nice lady, who, after almost hitting me with a cart, apologized to me, it's time to go to the cash register!


The next person this time is someone, who I hope gets some coal and a sack filled with shit for Christmas. Bought things that are worth 250€, had like 80 coupons, a payback card, packed everything with pleasure too, while the cashier lady asked "Can you please hold these flowers, they could fall down!" only to be answered with "Is that a REASON for me to stop packing my things?". Spent two more minutes wrapping her shit nice and slowly, while the cashier lady has started to lean towards the flowers so that the damn flowers won't fall down. But I should tell you guys, if my arm was two metres long, I would've held the flowers for her.


After the personification of Satan's scrotum finally finished packing, the cashier lady was allowed to release the flowers, only to scan the 20 million coupons. After she was finished scanning the 37 billion coupons one after the other, the old woman decided to say "Are you maybe being glad of your vacation a bit too soon? Hähähä!". As if the cashier lady wasn't fast enough for her.




May the sun whip out a tentacle on this woman to burn her to ashes while she's choking on those Day-1, Day-2 coupons in hell! May all her words that come out of her mouth be turned into toe nails!


This level of bitching makes me really sad.


I mean, the whole small things with the crowds of people, who don't show any feeling or care of the people around them, who don't consider if they're making a hindrance or the kids playing in the pathways - I don't really care that much. But if I see these nitrogen-powered unfriendly witches right before Christmas, or really, before anything, my ass blows up.


Merry Christmas, happy holidays and I wish you a great start to the new year, OpenCarnage!

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10 hours ago, Sunstriker7 said:

Old people are a real problem.

ikr. I was close to saying all the words I've written to her, but decided to just be super friendly with the cashier lady to leave her smiling. Gotta be one of the 150 customers that leave her a positive memory forthe day :P 


10 hours ago, PopeTX28 said:

Pickles and Sausages aye? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

My kinky kind of blood ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

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