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(SBB) Storm

[RANT] When people block the way

Yesterday, I went to the nearest big christmas market to stuff myself with schoggi Ü. Since there're so many people there, it should be expected for everyone to keep a nice and fluid walking traffic going.


But that's where you're wrong! The whole place is strolling at a snail's pace or you just stop in the middle of the way to then be greeted by a group of five who stand next to each other. A loving couple, who are stupidly looking at each other's sparkling eyes and don't realise that there're about a hundred people that want to go through, to which they'd just react confused when someone mutters "excuse me" quietly to just hush inbetween them. Don't look so appaled! And then there's the group of over 50 y. women, who instead of drinking their usual sparkling wine on a table, are now serving themselves mulled wine one litre after the other. Oh Truddi, can I have seconds please? hihi. Sure, Hildchen! höhö. Wild geese are boozing themselves the whole day. Come on, you tanks of spiritouse, get yourselves in position on the wider front so that no one can go through!


Of course, there's always going to be those dumb eyes looking at you when you want to go through. Huh? You mean we're not alone in this world? Hildchen, can you understand this? SHUT UP HILDCHEN, LET ME THROUGH FUCKING SHITS. How can anyone just be so abruptly slow?


What's going on in these people's thought processes? Is their hippocampus so dense, that there's no more space to think anymore? Or are they just egoists? Or maybe both? Anyways, now it's time to take the main walking area, Wilhelmstraße, really really wide. But of course another group of women, this time with Lisa (19), fresh outta Twerk & Travel from Australia, has to block everything in the path. Sure, it's necessary to stand next to each other when you go with seven women. Other people? What are these "other people"? Excuse me, may I go through? - Also replied with dumb fish eyes at me.


THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS. Other people also have lives and want to move forward, you're not alone in this damn world! I wish every one of you fucking fellators that you smash your pinky toe at a rusty, wooden table every morning so that you finally have an excuse to walk like disabled people all the time. GO TO THE SIDES YOU GOD FORGIVEN RUINS OF WW2, DON'T STAY DEAD ON THE WAY AND DON'T STAY NEXT TO EACH OTHER LIKE YOU'RE THE DUMBEST FLOCK OF DUCKS MANKIND'S EVER SEEN.


Thank you for reading.

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20 minutes ago, Tucker933 said:

I'm somehow glad it's not just the US with this rampant issue.

ikr. Eventually, after that whole charade, my legs were starting to feel weird, probably because the speed of me going back didn't correlate with the dynamic of my body anymore. Shit's tight yo, shit's unhealthy.

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On 12/13/2017 at 9:15 AM, (SBB) Storm said:

I'm always big for Christmas, big bunch because of the high concentration of cinnamon in all the buns Ü

I find it can be difficult at times to not blow a gasket while wading through all the "happy" people that seem to come out this time of year.


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