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Firefox 57 (Quantum)

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I have an issue with Chrome right now where it won't open sometimes. I check my Task Manager and I can clearly see that Chrome is active, but doesn't open a window. I'm then forced to stop all Chrome related processes and try opening it up again. Sometimes it will work immediately, other times I have to keep doing this process a couple times before Chrome decides to work.


So until I can figure out how to fix this, I'll give Firefox's new browser a try. I'm going to miss being able to sync Google data between my phone and PC, as well as the add-ons I've set-up.

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Firefox'e extension community is pretty active. They might have versions of (or alternatives to) the add-ons that you're used to from Chrome. Probably not the Google integration though, ha.


There's Firefox for iOS, but unfortunately due to Apple's rules it's just the built-in webkit browser (safari/chrome engine) plus a Firefox skin and syncing of your bookmarks, passwords, etc.


On the other hand, Firefox for Android is using the real Gecko engine. So it actually supports the same extensions as on desktop (as long as the extension supports Quantum).


I use uBlock Origin both on desktop and mobile.

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I haven't switched to it on my main desktop PC, nor on my MacBook Air, but I've been using Firefox on my lower-end Linux-based laptop (it's the default browser) and things have been rolling pretty smoothly. Having 10 tabs open with stuff (college work, YouTube, some research websites, GitHub, and OpenCarnage.net) takes up only half a GiB of memory.


I haven't done anything extreme on it, yet, but I can already tell it's not the memory whore that Google Chrome can be. Chrome can have jillions of 32-bit processes taking up a total of 2+ GiB even when I'm not all that heavy on tabs, and I've seen it use over twice that much when I am.


I'll wait and see before I consider making any sort of decisions about switching.

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Been using it out of curiosity and it seems nice. The more I use it, the more I feel like there's no real benefit to it or Chrome. That's a better position than Firefox was in before, though.


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