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Dynamic Fire

This fire effect dynamically spreads from a central point, and can attach to non-static objects. In its current state, it's only set to spread on dirt materials (for demo purposes), but that can easily be changed by altering the material effects on the projectiles chained off of the main effect.


This tag was never entirely finished for practical use, but wouldn't take too much work to get in such a state. It's however going to be a bitch to get working if you plan on importing it into another HPC map, just because Eschaton gets confused with all the references in this tag tree, and jumbles them. So if you do, you'll have to take notes on what tag references what, or just compare to the map in the download as reference. This can be converted to CE with Combustion, if anyone is interested in it there, but I imagine it would only ever be dissected as a curiosity.



The effect is called "flakspawn", and in this map it's attached to the Plasma Rifle's impact effect for dirt. You can test it out ingame just as in the above video.



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Oddly, this is familiar to you... as if from an old dream.          

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