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002, the madman

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1 hour ago, As7raios said:

Definitely deserve it, 002. I've thought this would be the right move for a while now.


Wish I could have found more time for this community over the past two years but as life moves on for me, the less time I have. I loved my time being an Administrator for this forum and being partners with Tucker. All things come to an end and I'm looking forward to seeing 002 in this role.


Thank you all for the years of love and fun.

There will be no topping your reign. <3

Oddly, this is familiar to you... as if from an old dream.  


Guide to Balanced Gameplay

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I'm only surprised it didn't happen sooner. The ungodly amount of stuff he does for this place would almost suggest he's not human.





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On 10/25/2017 at 10:29 PM, 002 said:

As my first act as admin, in 2018, I shall make the use of blue circle avatars mandatory with exceptions being made for holidays. Failure to do so will result in suspension from Currently Listening and Funny Pictures.


In addition, there will be a curfew which will last from 10:00 PM GMT to 5:00 AM GMT, in which nobody may visit anyone's profiles.


Lastly, every post will have to be edited by 002 prior to being published.


All hail the new age of the blue circle avatars.




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