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Make Windows Defender not be annoying?

Windows Defender seems to have a habit of randomly eating up one CPU core for a couple seconds when opening a file, and this makes my PC sound like a jet engine. Any suggestions to fix this?


I don't currently want to install a different operating system. It's not that big of a deal for me, as it's not affecting anything I'm doing. It's just a minor nuisance at the moment.

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You can tell Defender to ignore a folder: PC Settings > Update and Security > Windows Defender > Exclusions > Add an exclusion.


I use this to whitelist folders I'm compiling into. All the object files make Defender go crazy.

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Normally I would recommend turning it off and getting Iobit Malware Fighter since it's the only protection software I've used with no noticeable performance impact. But I haven't used it since an update earlier in the year made it stop programs from opening their own files, rendering them unusable. It's been a long time since then so they might have fixed that problem.


If you decide to take a look at it, there is a premium version. But you can just find a valid key from some Youtube videos. Iobit makes really good software, but I'm not sure if I can say that when their key checking system is so bad that it lets you use the same premium key that thousands of other users are using as well...

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We've had this issue at work as well. On top of having to use McAfee of all things with the On-Access Scanner, this does passive-scanning of all new files introduced to the filesystem. I'd have to find it again, but there's a GPO and registry setting you can enable to stop it from passively scanning and only allow it to scan at the schedule times.

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