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Neuroscientists Discover A Song That Reduces Anxiety By 65 Percent


Millions of Americans suffer from anxiety disorders, many people even suffer from a Chronic Anxiety Disorder. With anxiety, it can feel impossible to find anything to help.


Although you do not always realize it, there are some ordinary and strange things that may alleviate your symptoms. According to Neuroscientists, this one song can reduce anxiety by 65%!



Anxiety can be a debilitating disorder. Side effects of anxiety include numbness or tingling, dizziness, chest pain, headaches, and an upset stomach. Anxiety is defined as a state of uneasiness or apprehension. Anxiety occurs when we behave in an apprehensive manner, such as worrying about an upcoming event. There are many drugs out there that are said to treat anxiety. While some may work temporarily, they also come with harsh side effects and dangerous chemicals. The Pharmaceutical Industry is a nothing more than a money scheme, so try listening to this song!


Neuroscientists have proven in a study that a particular song can reduce your anxiety by 65%.  The study was done at Mindlab International in the U.K. The researchers wanted to know what kind of music makes a person feel the most relaxed sensation. The study involved participants trying to solve different puzzles, while connected to a sensor.  While they did the puzzles, the participants listened to a variety of songs. Researchers recorded their brain activity, heart rate, blood pressure, and rate of breathing.


The song Weightless by the Marconi Union, resulted in a 65% decrease in the participant’s overall anxiety! They also had a 35% reduction in their usual physiological resting rates! The song was specifically designed to induce a feeling of relaxation. The musicians teamed up with sound therapists to create the song.



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Doesn't music usually trigger some emotional feedback?
Like, isn't its main purpose to set a specific mood or atmosphere as opposed to transmit some information or a message?
Sure, most songs usually carry a message but that's not the reason why I hear music.


So, this track inflicts upon the listener a feeling of relaxation. Uh, big deal? :P


Further, it reduces anxiety by 65%? How would one measure that? How does one measure emotions?
Just by monitoring "brain activity, heart rate, blood pressure, and rate of breathing"? What about, for example, blood levels of hormones or pupil width?
That sounds like curing an illness by only treating the symptoms.


Also, what about long-time effectiveness? I guess all those participants heard that song there for the first time.
What happens when they hear it the second time or the 100th time? Does it still "reduce anxiety by 65%" or does it somehow wear off?
I can tell from my experience that listening to a song the 100th time doesn't hold that much of an effect as it did the first (couple of) time(s).


Sorry, but that story seems a bit overhyped.

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There's a particular tune I listen to to bring me back out of a dark mood.  I listen to it to do so and have done it many a times and it still relieves me and brings me back.  I can also listen to the same tune on a general note and it doesn't take me away from the relief it gives me when down.


Maybe you're just too highly strung.

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