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What's your beef with the multitexture overlays? You can just change their position, and I think they're neat 

But you can't join a server if you modify the map unless you use HAC2's caching (HAC2 is broken at the moment unless you use some workaround). Also, not everyone who uses CE is a modder. Lastly, the colors are completely broken and that CANNOT be fixed.

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Just a modified HUD I put together for the plasma pistol. There is a circle around the reticle that fills as the plasma pistol is being charged.







I might edit it later using multiple colors for different sections of the circle, though it's probably nothing compared to what most of you HEK people regularly do, and it's the first HUD I've ever significantly modified, but at least it looks somewhat clean and is not a rip from a game.

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Disabled ambient lighting on objects to get it looking properly cartoony.

Nanoko Video

Is that your waifu?

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