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I wanted to port the Metrocop from Half-Life 2 into Halo, and decided to record it. It's not quite a tutorial, but shows the process of getting a pre-rigged biped into Halo. It's a somewhat lengthy process usually depending on how many vertices need to have their weight set. I choose to add weight to each vertex individually through the weight table, but painting weights or using the weight tool could be better options.


Tools used:




If you have any questions I can try to help.

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I can safely say that rigging bipeds is a huge pain in the ass.

I taught myself using a crappy tutorial and the Brute flood biped from H3. My issue was trying to rig it to skeletons that weren't made for it.

I believe I "painted" the vertices. Can't say for sure, I remember setting values between 0-1 for how much the bone 'pulled' on the vertice, and having to smooth it out between the two bones. When I did that, the model changed from clear-yellow-orange-red, depending on the weight. Like I said, think it was painting, can't remember.

Congrats on getting that done, never a fun time.

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Ive done a few(or tried to) rigs for halo a while ago and Ive done basic rigs for the Unity game engine. Doing it well is a pain in the ass, especially if the model is garbage.

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Rigging is an amazing pain in the ass. I remember I was rigging that spy model but it was just so shoddy that I knew I couldn't finish it properly.



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