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Lawrence Ripple robbed a bank to get away from his wife in prison



A 70 year old man who says he robbed a bank in Kansas City — a block away from the city’s police headquarters — in the hope he would get away from his wife in jail, has been sentenced to six months’ home detention for the crime.



Lawrence John Ripple pleaded guilty to the robbery in September at the Bank of Labour, The Kansas City Star reports.


According to court documents, prior to the robbery Ripple wrote a robbery note in front of his wife and told her he would rather be in prison than at home.


Ripple robbed the bank with a gun and demanded money from a teller.


After the money was handed over Ripple waited for the police.


He later told the judge heart surgery prior to the robbery had resulted in him being depressed and he said he wasn’t himself at the time.


According to his defence lawyer Ripple had since been properly diagnosed since the incident, he is on the correct medicine and feels like himself again.


US District Court Judge Carlos Murguia sentenced Ripple to six months of home confinement.


He was also ordered to serve three years probation, including 50 hours of community service.


He was ordered to pay US$227.27 (AU$299.50) to the bank.


That amount represented the billable hours for bank employees who were sent home on the day of the robbery.


Ripple produced the note which read: “I have a gun, give me money” and was handed $US2,924 by the teller.


He faced up to 37 months in prison but was granted leniency by the court.


According to Ripple’s lawyer the act was a “cry for help”.


“Mr. Ripple understands what he did and he respects the law as indicated by his past behaviour,” he said.


Ripple was accompanied by his wife as the sentence was handed down late on Tuesday, local time.


“It was not my intention to frighten (the teller) as I did,” he said.


“I feel great now,” Ripple said. “I feel like my old self.”



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19 minutes ago, Iggy said:

The irony of it is hilarious he wanted to go to prison to get away from his wife and now he's got six month's home confinement.


Makes we wonder: Would he go to prison if he breaks that sentence?

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1 hour ago, tarikja said:


Makes we wonder: Would he go to prison if he breaks that sentence?

Either that or he might get the home confinement extended so you've gotta ask yourself if it's worth the risk.

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