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Servers Crashing for CoD World at War

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4 hours ago, Thomas said:

I am not sure that is a good idea, my server may detect it is being DDoS'ed or our hosts may say that and shut off my server.  I could do teamviewer at some point so you can look at it all for yourself if you like, that's one way to get this figured out I think.

Sure, hit me up in a PM and I'll try to help out. And yeah, your hosts IDS may look at that as someone trying to port scan for vulnerabilities if it's set up decently enough.

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If you have an IM program such as Steam, Evolve or Discord, let me know the ID and we can go from there.

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I used the default ports and all that so yes.  I have five CoD4:Modern Warfare servers running just fine...

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