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US test fires ICBM intercept rocket



The US has tested an interceptor rocket it hopes will be able to take down incoming rockets from North Korea.



A missile was launched from California in a move thought to be in response to Kim Jong-un’s rocket development programme.


The system has not been tested since 2014, and has only successfully hit its target nine times out of 17 attempts.


It is not yet known if the latest test — from the Vandenberg Air Force Base, 60 miles south of Santa Barbara — was successful, The Sun reports.


Reuters reported it is likely to be several hours before defence chiefs confirm its success or failure.


As part of the test the missile will try to knock a mock warhead - launched from 4,200 miles away on the Marshall Islands’s Kwajalein Atoll - out of the skies over the Pacific Ocean.


The test is thought to have cost nearly £190million.


And it comes at a time when Kim Jong-un is desperately trying to develop a missile capable of hitting the US mainland.


The US and its allies are now being accused of “playing catch-up” after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was pictured watching his country’s latest test over the weekend.


State media said: “Kim Jong-Un... watched the test of a new type of anti-aircraft guided weapon system organised by the Academy of National Defence Science.


“This weapon system, whose operation capability has been thoroughly verified, should be mass-produced to deploy all over the country.


“So as to completely spoil the enemy’s wild dream to command the air, boasting of air supremacy and weapon almighty.”


On Tuesday, the head of the US Defence Intelligence Agency said that if left unchecked, North Korea is on an “inevitable” path to obtaining a nuclear-armed missile capable of striking the US.


Appearing at a Senate hearing, Defence Intelligence Agency Director Vincent Stewart declined to offer a time estimate but Western experts believe the North still needed several years to develop such a weapon.



Rumors are carried by haters
Spread by fools
Accepted by idiots

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