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Allows you to toggle developer cheats via hotkeys.



  • Hotkeys will NOT be activated if game is not focused, chat is open, console is open, or during ui text input (setting player name, server name, etc).
  • Allows you to enable console via devcheats.ini without needing -console in your Halo shortcut.



Place devcheats.dll and devcheats.ini into your controls folder. You can customize hotkeys and settings from devcheats.ini file.

IF HAC2 IS NOT INSTALLED: Rename devcheats.dll to cheats.dll

IF DEVCHEATS DOES NOT LOAD: Try installing the x86 Visual C++ Redistributable



NumPad0 = Toggle Cheat Hotkeys (Press to enable/disable hotkeys for cheats)
NumPad1 = Toggle Deathless Player
NumPad2 = Toggle No Fall Damage
NumPad3 = Toggle Infinite Ammo
NumPad4 = Toggle Bump Possesion
NumPad5 = Toggle Super Jump
NumPad6 = Toggle Medusa
NumPad7 = Toggle One Shot Kills
NumPad8 = Toggle Bottomless Clip
NumPad9 = Disable All Cheats
NumPad+ = Some Gay Shit





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Posted (edited)

Noticed that if HAC2 was not installed, devcheats.dll would cause a crash if game is not ran in windowed mode.

Figured out that it has to load before controls.dll, so renaming it to cheats.dll if you do not have HAC2 installed.


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I'll definitely be giving this a try, as being able to quickly enable cheats like disabling fall damage can be pretty useful for working on stuff like mods and assets.


It's pretty cool that more tools are taking advantage of Halo's controls folder.

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