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Chimera (build 49)

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New build!


There are a few new features added:

  • More information is now available on chimera_budget. You can see the effects and decals budgets.
  • chimera_wireframe was added. This enables wireframe mode, but only if you're not in a dedicated server. This command exists to bypass HAC2's blocking of rasterizer_wireframe, even when used for legitimate reasons.


  • chimera_skip_loading was added. This removes the loading screen transition when joining a game.


Download (build -508): chimera build -508.7z

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As per many of the requests I've been receiving, I've finally gone and made a Discord server.




Note that this does not serve as a replacement for this topic. It's easier for me to keep track of messages posted on this topic, where I may miss messages posted on the Discord server. Also, while a Discord server can allow for faster communication, a forum topic is linkable and doesn't require any sort of registration to view, making it easier to share. Therefore, all full Chimera releases will continue to be uploaded here on Open Carnage.


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15 minutes ago, AlexHaloCE said:

Can you please explain how to use this timer with Chimera? I don't understand how, and I use version 49. http://prntscr.com/hxfr32

Unfortunately, this isn't possible. Chimera does not have this feature, nor can it run SAPP Lua scripts.

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Chimera has been going through a lot of changes in the past few weeks. There are still a lot more things I want to do with it, but the source code is planned to be released quite soon. Thank you for being patient.


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I pushed this out on the Chimera Discord earlier, but here is build -518. This features an updated Lua API with new features. Note that scripts that used the previous API will probably not work. Also, your settings from -500 to -516 will not automatically carry over to this version, but you can simply move the chimerainit.txt file to the new chimera folder to fix this.


Here's documentation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F3Q0blvHPgc7VfLJmhATIJrWZ0gMQ_KenkMsOQ7KKS0/edit


Download (build -518): chimera build -518.7z

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Here's build -528. This Features some Lua scripting changes which are documented at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F3Q0blvHPgc7VfLJmhATIJrWZ0gMQ_KenkMsOQ7KKS0/edit


There are also a few changes since build -518:

  • Bunch of Lua API bugs ironed out
  • New command: chimera_set_resolution - This command allows you to set the resolution of the game, refresh rate, vSync mode, and windowed mode. You will need to put this in chimerainit.txt (in either the chimera folder or Halo folder), as this setting doesn't automatically save.
  • New command: chimera_block_vsync - This command is intended for people who use -vidmode who do not want vSync to be enabled.
  • Returning command: chimera_set_tps - This sets the tick rate of the game. This setting does not save.
  • Returning command: chimera_vfov - This adjusts the horizontal FOV to a value based on your desired vertical FOV and adapt it to your resolution. Make sure HAC2 and OS's FOV isn't set (or it's set to 70). Use 55.41 for Halo PC/MCC or 62.73 for OG Xbox.


Download (build -528): chimera build -528.7z

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Here's build -531.


(chimera_safe_zones and chimera_widescreen_fix are enabled in this screenshot)


There is one new command: chimera_widescreen_fix. This fixes some of the HUD distortions from playing at a game at a wider aspect ratio than 4:3. There are a few known issues:

  • If used with HAC2 or Open Sauce's widescreen fixes, the HUD gets super distorted. This is unavoidable. Don't enable this if you use a different widescreen fix mod.
  • The gametype indicator gets removed from the screen. This is because it uses the same code as chimera_safe_zones. I'll fix this later, though. Fixed in build -532 
  • The HUD text remains in the center of the screen. There isn't much I can do right now that I know of, but I'll look into fixing this when I can find a solution. Fixed in build -549
  • The letterbox effect in cinematics is only in the center of the screen. Again, not much I can do right now that I know of. Fixed in build -533
  • The flashlight meter isn't in the correct location. Fixed in build -532
  • NAV points positions on the HUD are distorted Fixed in build -534



UPDATE: I've uploaded build -535 which fixes a bunch of issues and also adds a chimera_block_gametype_indicator command (as of build -532).


Download (build -535): chimera build -535.7z

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Here's a video demonstrating the widescreen fix as well as comparing it to HAC2's fix.



I've also (hopefully) fixed a crashing bug that occurred in build -535.



UPDATE: I've fixed an issue with teammate indicators as well as loading the same map consecutively in build -539.


Download (build -539): chimera build -539.7z

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