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Chimera (build 49)

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I've gotten a few questions/concerns on Discord about this new update notifier, so I'll post my responses here before people ask again.


Q: Will Chimera still work if Open Carnage is down?

A: Yes.


Q: Will this automatically update Chimera? I don't want to have to come back here because I'm lazy.

A: No. If you're too lazy to download an update, then you don't deserve the update.


Q: Couldn't you host it yourself?

A: Probably, but I don't have the funds to do so. Chimera does not run off donations.


Q: It's been three months... When are you going to update Chimera?

A: When are you going to update your face?


Q: Is there an estimation when build 50 will be finished?

Q: Updates happen when they happen. Please check back here for the latest official news on Chimera. If I haven't replied here in 3 weeks, that means there has been no news for the past three weeks, and you will need to check later for them.


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I've fixed vehicle camera auto centering, and it will appear in the next build of Chimera. This can be used as an alternative to turning it off entirely, though people who play with a mouse may prefer turning it off outright.




I'll post builds later when I have a modem/router that doesn't restart every 4 minutes. Stay tuned!


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Time to give you guys a new build to test.


First of all, there's a new save format:



This format is NOT backwards compatible with build 49 which was just a binary dump (but if you guys really want, I may be able to write a converter). The benefit to using this format is that you can edit your file with a text editor. chimerainit.txt uses this same format, but chimerasave.txt is loaded after chimerinit.txt, thus your settings will ultimately take precedence.


Second of all, there are new (or old) commands:

  • chimera_auto_center (now with three options: broken/stock, fixed, and disabled)
  • chimera_block_zoom_blur
  • chimera_throttle_fps
  • chimera_widescreen_scope_mask (only works if HAC2 is present)

Third, there is now an update notifier. When build 50 comes out, you will see something like this:

This notification can be turned off by putting "chimera_block_update_notifier 1" in chimerainit.txt or chimerasave.txt. However, using the chimera command will still state that your build is outdated. I do not support outdated builds, but I can understand some users being happy with one version and not wanting to update, so I will not force you to update.


Fourth, the controller aim assist fix is in this build.


Lastly, chimera_interpolate now lists settings as off / low / medium / high / ultra, but you can still specify 0-9 if you want something more granular.


Download (build -503): chimera build -503.7z

Also, here's a chimerainit.txt you can place in your Custom Edition folder to turn everything on: chimerainit.txt


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New build!


I've modified a few things internally. Feature-wise, the only new thing is that dynamic lights are interpolated, requiring medium (level 6) or higher to work at up to 20 world units and ultra (level 9) to work at all distances. Also, this build will not crash retail Halo PC 1.10 like it did before, though I am still only supporting Halo Custom Edition 1.10.


Download (build -504): chimera build -504.7z


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Yeah. They're present on the Xbox version due to how signals may be partially cut off on CRTs and some people want something equivalent on the PC.

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I prefer the look of it... No idea why but hey, I shouldn't have to justify it.


"You fix my mistakes is what you do." - Tucker
"You're useless." - Tucker 2 minutes later

"You're sort of cool in some ways." - 002

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New build!


There are a few features added back in:

  • The console is now automatically enabled again. Use chimera_enable_console 0 to disable this functionality.
  • chimera_af is back. This allows you to enable anisotropic filtering without needing to modify config.txt.
  • chimera_block_firing_particles is here. It will disable the particles from firing effects with your weapons if you don't like seeing them.
  • chimera_budget is back. You can view either modded budgets (e.g. if you have HAC2 installed) or stock Halo budgets. It'll also show you frame rate and tick rate. I think map designers will find this to be a useful feature. More debugging commands are planned to be added in the future.



Download (build -507): chimera build -507.7z


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