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Chimera (build 49)

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Hey 002,

I just wanted to thank you greatly for this mod as it is the prime reason which prevented me from playing Halo CE for all these years. The disconnect between animation rate and refresh rate for so many elements on screen really made the game unplayable for me, as capping to 30hz / 30 fps was not an option for input and visual acuity reasons. This fixes that to a point that makes Halo CE the goto version, mouse input also feels amazing. I definitely look forward to see what other directions you can take this and will watch very closely!


BTW, and completely off-topic basically, I am not sure how much experience you have with Halo 2 Vista, but that game has *most*, but not all of its animations capped at 60 fps refresh. Cutscene animations are locked at 30fps for the most part, while some transforms are updated at 60fps (so a characters arms and legs in cutscenes update at 30fps, while their mouth movement is 60fps). Strangely enough, some camera movement is fully interpolated and runs at arbitrary framerates (camera shakes for example run at any framerate). I have no idea if you would ever be interested, or how possible it is, but your skills and attention to detail would be great to be applied to something like Halo 2 Vista which has its own strange framerate / update rate behaviour for animation and input. Heck, I would donate to a patreon for that ;)


Either way, best wishes and many thanks for your Halo CE modding.

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One thing I've been working on is the ability to spawn objects. There are a few uses for this.


Scripting is probably the main thing that many people will think about.


There are other uses. For example, I can use this to fix the phantom grenade glitch. This is a bug in Halo's netcode where if a player was killed while holding a grenade, an invisible explosion would appear. This fix requires the Chimera script to be running on the server, however.



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The problem: Mouse acceleration (& we all know it's the worst)   

The fixes: 



AWilliams17 & Grogel have made progress & there fixes work ok some of the time but they are noobs compared to you, plus i really don't like using external Tools & fiddling with HEX values in Cheat engine, if you could add a command to disable Mouse Acceleration that would be great.

P.S. thanks for making chimera!

P.P.S. i know you've been asked this before:  Raw Mouse Input Hack,  Croire98 requested. if you can't maybe someday when it's open-Source....


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