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Chimera (build 49)

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Just now, Vaporeon said:


Can you build it with -static-libgcc and -static-libstdc++ so you only need the one .dll?

Huh, I didn't know those were a thing. I'll add those arguments to my build script for when I release the next build then.

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9 minutes ago, msalerno said:

Cool stuff. Controller aim assist? Sounds like a bot - JK :) Is this ONLY with controllers?

The aim assist and player magnetism stuff are for controllers, yes.

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I've been working on some features for Chimera over the past few weeks.



Here are some new features:

  • Server owners can detect the input device and Chimera build used by clients
  • Several major causes of warping have been addressed
  • The effects of rubberbanding have been reduced
  • Analog movement is possible for gamepad users. You can specify the deadzone (analog movement only) using the chimera_deadzone_movement command (default is 0.25)

All of these features only work on Chimera servers (SAPP servers with a special Chimera script and DLL) and do nothing when you're on a server that does not support Chimera (Chimera's other features like AF, zoom blur removal, descoping, and improved magnetism still work).


Lastly, there is a new command: chimera_shutdown. This will temporarily remove most of Chimera's modifications to the game, and it's for debugging purposes. It'll probably crash the game if you use it though.


I don't get to spend very much time on this kind of stuff, so how long it'll take before the next version of Chimera is released will take time, possibly months, if it even gets released, so here's yet another proof of concept.

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Chimera build 25 is out. This addresses a somewhat minor problem that occurred with the descope fix (technically this was addressed in build 18, but I didn't release that due to testing that had to be done).


While this build does support build 23 of the Chimera server mod which features my warp fix and analog movement fix, this particular mod is not released due to further testing, adjustments, and features being needed, and I can almost guarantee that the version that will be released will not be compatible with build 25 due to these adjustments. Here's a list of things that need to be done (may not be a complete list):

  • Remote player warping is slightly jittery
  • I haven't started on fixing warp with vehicles
  • Continuous testing needs to be done to find anomalies and/or bugs
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nice to see some love for controller users! but I still have some questions where should I put the .DLL? in the "controls" folder? also Is the sv version private or this .DLL can be used to set it up

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