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"Boomer" Explosion Effect

I made this at @DeadHamster's request a few years ago, to just be a huge explosion. That's mostly what this is, but it also incorporated a couple interesting corkscrew visuals for shrapnel, which @002 helped figure out based on projectile experiments @Sudo did a decade ago (but never released).




The download is a Gephyrophobia map, which features the effect repeating in the center of the map, as shown. If you actually want to use it, you'll probably want to change the dynamic light's duration as well as improve the lens flare, but I imagine if anything this will just be used to check out the corkscrewing projectiles. A CE version can easily be made using Combustion.




The effect tag you'll be looking for is called "effects\boomer".

Oddly, this is familiar to you... as if from an old dream.          

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Looks like someone fucked up the formula for a giant firework and made more boom than sparkle.

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Get some self control, Tucker. You'll go blind from all that 'exploding' you're doing.

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