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Astroneer is in my opinion a Minecraft inspired game with some new and exciting features and graphics. The basic idea of the game is you fly down to the starting planet to gather resources, and upgrade your shuttle to eventually fly to new planets with different resources and hazards. So far I've yet to come across any bugs at all; the only issue I've had with gameplay was a little bit of clunky physics and mechanics.


Good points
1. Very few bugs, and the ones that are there are being fixed quite quickly

2. Easy to get addicted to

3. Child friendly and relaxing 


Bad points

1. No tutorials at all, leading to it being somewhat hard to learn 

2. Some what clunky inventory mechanics at first, but after time you get used to them

3. To be completely honest I'm unable to put a third bad point as I can not think of any


In its current state I feel it deserves a rating of 6/10


This is not my screenshot

Credit: http://blog.astroneer.space/tag/astroneer/

This one's for everyone that's ever lost anyone does real closure even exist?
Tryna find a bit of peace
Can't help but feel like everything is said and done we're still left stricken with grief

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