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GPU Driver crashing while playing Andromeda

Card: GTX770 4GB ACX model

Driver: GeForce V378.92


So, last night I updated my GPU drivers in prep for mass effect andromeda unlocking, everything seemed to be working fine, hell I am getting a decent framerate on high. I played for about an hour and went to sleep. This morning, however, I played for about half an hour then my GPU driver crashed, this is the first time i've experienced this. I tried to play again later, about 40 minutes in this time, another driver crash. I cant remember exactly what the error message was but i do remember seeing "the most common reason is the driver crashed" for this error (i'll try to screencap it next time to get the exact wording). 


I've looked around on google and nvidia's site, but I cant seem to find anything about this issue. I'm not sure if its a problem with the driver, or if my GPU is starting to die on me (i really hope it isnt, i cant afford a replacement). 


Is anyone else having an issue like this, or do any of you know if there's a way to fix it? 

I get the feeling i'm just going to have to wait for another GPU driver update...



edit: finally found some more info, it's a directx 11 problem with andromeda, just waiting on a driver update now...

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