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Man, I haven't heard that song in a while.


My first cellie in prison was this awesome gay guy named Kevin. Kevin and I both enjoyed card games. On the weekends a local radio station would play dance club music until like 2am and Kevin always stayed up to listen. For the first couple of hours I would stay up with him and play cards with him. Before bedtime lockdown we would prep our snacks for the night and then while we played cards on his bed we would jam to the dance club music on the radio blasted through improvised speaker boxes. Frequently he would wear only his jock strap. Whenever a dance club mix of this song came on the radio he would shed the jock strap, place a chair in front of the window on our door, and helicopter his massive dong to the beat of the song.

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Kavawuvi: one of these days these glutes are gonna squawk all over you

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