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Adding a Button (Template) to phpBB

Ok, here's my question. How do I add a "button" to my   php BB board that would call up a specific template so that others on the same board would always use. I tried looking on their site but could not find the correct info


for Example:


I would have a area in the forum that would have Admins go to "ban players" on Halo: this would be the Template I am thinking of:


Ban Report
Banned Player: A-Hacker
Ban Type: Perm
Server: Golden Eye
Ban Date: March 8th 2017
Player Hash: CD-Key Hash: f45c0d4f2efd9fe17a4ccc1d2f739b13
Banlist Data: IP:

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Thanks I will look into it. I did see these but with my lack of managing a board (site) like yours; I thought you may have used this method at one time. Thanks for the help in the right direction!

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If you really just want a button that shows a template when clicked, this will do:

<a onclick='RevealInformation()' title='Toggle' href='javascript:;'>Show Template</a>
<div id='info_hidden' style='display: none;'>
Stuff Here
<script type='text/javascript'>
	function RevealInformation() {
		var displayed = document.getElementById("info_hidden").style.display != "none";
		if(displayed) {
			document.getElementById("info_hidden").style.display = "none";
		else {
			document.getElementById("info_hidden").style.display = "block";

But you'll need some coding knowledge to integrate with your theme so that it aesthetically fits.

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