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The Return of Fallout 4

Some of you may be able to recall when we tried getting the forum relevant with Fallout 4, by making it possible to share Settlements and supporting that on the forum. It's a long story why that didn't work out at the time, but tools for the game have evolved to make it doable, and as a result someone just released a mod that does exactly what we needed. So here's to round two. =D


You can get a hold of it here, and if you choose to use the Nexus Mod Manager to install it, here's a guide:

It would be awesome if you guys could help kick this off by sharing some of your settlements in our new releases section, and consider entering in our monthly settlement contest to win 10 raffle tickets!

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Well we received over 300 unique views to the settlements sections in about 12 hours, and unfortunately despite being the only day-one support for sharing such content and having the widest advertising for it, none of that traffic found interest in doing so here. Our inbound traffic for these sections has since slowed to just about 0, so if this was going to go anywhere, we would've seen something by now. No competition for this exists, and the mod that enables such content has received a ton of traction, but what we offered didn't end up being something the Fallout community wanted.



I find failures like this quite embarrassing, because they're so public and you usually can't do anything to solve them after the fact. You don't get to test any of it in private and roll something out that you can be confident in working, particularly when it relies on social interactions between people you've never met.


However good news is that @002 and I (mostly 002) have been building an alternative means of breaking into a new market (not Fallout) for the past couple months, and while it's by far the biggest project we've undertaken and as a result very risky, it's definitely the most promising of positive results if accomplished. We're still months from potential completion, but I want you guys to know we're still actively working towards sustaining this community, for the long haul.


We just have to keep trying things; it only needs to stick once.

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