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"AWW YEAH" Thread

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lol I'm going to do electrical work and misc stuff for a resort. Not awesome like my last job, but fewer allergens to deal with...


Still on the lookout for other opportunities, though.

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1 hour ago, ScarlettFayt said:

Celebrating 8 years together with Weps/Strelok. Been married for 2, but he's put up with me for almost a decade. That is an accomplishment. Lol



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1. Got rid of my curse of a futon. I asked coworkers if they were looking for a futon and someone snagged it from me.

2. Nothing actually wrong with the brakes on my car. Ford's monitoring system just sucks the moment worn out brakes stop applying as much pressure. 


This weekend's errands are finally at a close and I can finally focus on more important shit.


Helping my girlfriend move in later this month from Illinois to Maryland. 

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