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"AWW YEAH" Thread

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Weps and I already have a daughter. She will be 5 in October. So this will even us out. :)

14 hours ago, Puddin said:

Congratulations!  Boys rule, girls drool. Boys are awesome, girls are smelly :)




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A bittersweet moment - promoted from Shift Manager to Assistant Manager and told by the GM that I'm taking the store from him in about a year. The promotion gets announced in about 3 weeks at the next staff meeting.


The downside is that one of my best friends has worked here for about 8 months longer than I have, and was an SM about 6 months sooner than I was (he was promoted mid-December, I was promoted at the end of May). As good as that makes me feel about the quality of my management, he was expecting the AM promotion and he's quitting now that I'm getting it (not that he's upset with me, he's upset with the GM for giving him false hope).

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