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"AWW YEAH" Thread

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So in work we sometimes get free promotional t-shirts, and I'm STUPIDLY DELIGHTED with my new Game of Thrones shirt! :D :D :D



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Rent...DO NOT buy any property up there or you'll die a death of a thousand taxes. Other than that and the arbitrary laws, it's a great place. 


>Native Upstate New Yorker (from the Snowshoe Capital of the World)

Yeah, I was planning on renting. Its only a 1 yr contract and I'm not sure where I would like to live.The taxes are a real killer though, much greater than what i've grown used to in mass.

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It lacks an unlabeled red button >:-)


There's actually a big one in the patch bay, strangely enough. Essentially to be used if you fuck shit up magnificently. I've never had to use it but apparently if pressed it unmaps all of the XLR connections to the studios, which is very very bad.

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