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Sega Dreamcast



Have any of you ever owned a Dreamcast? I don't remember ever seeing on in person, but it caught my eye while researching retro consoles.


First, the Dreamcast has the best graphics of the sixth-generation consoles. Xbox arguably has more processing power, but you're limited to component cables. Only the Dreamcast supports 60Hz VGA output, which makes even older games look AMAZING.







Secondly, Dreamcast is objectively the best system for playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. It beats the pants off the PS1 and N64 versions, which were previous generation consoles.




It has a surprisingly large game library with some pretty unique stuff. Here are some highlights:




Another big advantage of the Dreamcast is that, although the original games can be expensive to buy, it's extremely easy to burn copies of Dreamcast games to regular CD-R discs.


That's good news for me, because one of the games I'd like to play is Rez, but it was not released in North America and costs $80 or more for a European copy.



Just ordered a used one from ebay and am excited to try it out. :)

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There's active development for it in Japan still. I've found some dev kits online and was thinking about buying one for collectors sake. 

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Homebrew has really gone a long way with the Dreamcast with actual development teams working on games. It just won't die.




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I picked up a dreamcast for 15 bucks at a retro game store some years ago.  Fantastic system. 


And seaman...



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If it flies, floats, or fucks, rent it.

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