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Video Embedding

Needs fixing. I'm posting this at center justification to explain why;


I hate these new sites and all this user friendly bullshit. I used to be able to set width and height, place content on a justification, etc.



Now my only option is to post a link, which autosizes it and places it on the leftmost side of the screen.

And theres no option to make any changes outside of dragging it up or down a line, or deleting it entirely.

See how this post flows rather nicely, alligned directly in the center. Now I want to include a video, 






See? That's my option. No way to adjust the size, the positioning, anything. Just post a link, there's the video.

The edior's own Justification buttons on the toolbar don't affect it. That's terrible and there has to be a more elegant solution out there.

Very frustrating to use. It means that if I'm using a video in my post I basically can't use justification.

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On 13.11.2016 at 10:56 PM, Tucker933 said:
On 13.11.2016 at 10:28 PM, WaeV said:

On a related note, I really wish gifv / mp4 / webm embedding worked.

Welcome to the future. =p

Any updates on this?

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16 minutes ago, tarikja said:

Any updates on this?

Still can't on this software, without a big potentially messy overhaul. 

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