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Custom Logging

This script can be used to replace SAPP's logging system:


- Creates a new file with the current days (os.date("%Y-%m-%d_"))..environment.."Log.txt" (Ex: 10-26-2016_ChatLog.txt)

- Saves the files into the servers profilepath.."\logs\" (Ex: C:\HaloServer\MyHaloServer\logs\)

- Each environment has its own log file (join/lead, chat, and commands.)

- Tracks joining and quitting. (All saved to the date..JoinLog.txt)

timestamp	New001 has joined the server. 	IP: 	Hash: t07a1y4r3alh45h
timestamp	New001 has left the server.

- Tracks chat.

timestamp	New001: Im saying words!
timestamp	New002: Im saying words as well!

- Tracks commands.

timestamp	Admin: false	Name: New001	Command: /info	IP:	Hash: t07a1y4r3alh45h
timestamp	Admin: true	Name: New002	Command: /kill *new001	IP:	Hash: 4n07h3r6ealh45h


I did not include hashes/ip addresses with the chat log because those can be found in the JoinLog (and I presume people cant change their names while in a server.) Yes I know this makes more work for the person looking through these but ctrl+f is a thing and the file looked super messy with it included.

NOTE: Only works in HaloCE at the moment. (p.s. Its because I don't know how to get sigs.)


Logging script: Pastebin - Log


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