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EST. 14th of February, 2012


2016 Presidential Race Thread

Who would you vote for?   13 members have voted

  1. 1. Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

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Trump's attack on Hillary's donors like Soros and Buffett made me smile. Also, his talk of the paid provocateurs at his rallies made me edge closer to the TV... I mean WOW! did not expect him to get on that topic at all. Half expected him to give a shout out to the InfoWars and ZH team.


What I wish Trump would have done is get deeper into the scandals of Hillary. Or simply made me laugh one final time.


"I dunno why you attack me as unfit Hillary, you nasty nasty woman. You have Podesta talking about UFOs and little green men while the only aliens to be confirmed real are the ones crossing over our porous border! BUILD THE WALL!" *everyone cheers and laughs and the 20 trillion debt falls to 10 trillion*


"Look what Obama has done! We got Lil' Rodrigo in the Philippines. We got him... we got him calling for "separation." He want's to align with CHYNA! CHYNA! Tough guy. I respect him. Tough guy. Says what he wants and does it too. Wonder if the Obamas will raise their glasses to toast him. Imagine that! Rodrigo the Narc watching Obama double down to him. It's incredible folks! Simply incredible. I've never seen anything like it. Never. Not once. Nada. Listen Rodrigo, you either work for us or you're fired!" *Rodrigo the Narc surrenders Philippines to the U.S. a day after*

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Really!!  I haven't been following this bullshit, I only read what I see here and snippets I hear on the local radio news.


All I can say is I apologise for 2 such fucked up candidates running for your country.  R.I.P USA  either way you lose but the impact it has on the world is also what's going to suffer.


If this were here in Australia they'd both be stripped of their campaign and prevented from running for the Presidency.


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12 hours ago, Krazychic said:

this bullshit,


  2  fucked up candidates running country.  either way you lose  the world is also what's going to suffer.

Yuuuppp, we is fucked.


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Up until this point I'd figured I would pick a third party candidate to vote for as both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are repulsive to me.

I've always considered Hillary Clinton to be a liar and most likely a criminal and I've always been of the opinion that a Donald Trump Presidency could very well turn out to be an Extinction Level Event for this country and and under no circumstances should he be given any chance of winning this election.


It occurs to me after thinking things through that if I and enough others cast votes for a Third Party candidate who stands no chance of being elected anyway there's a chance however small that this might siphon off enough votes to swing the election to Donald Trump and this can't be allowed to happen.

I am therefore with the greatest reluctance going to vote for Hillary Clinton and I urge others considering voting for Third Party candidates for the same reason I was going to do so to reconsider and vote for Hillary Clinton.


As distasteful as the thought of voting for Hillary might be for myself and many others I feel that she is clearly the "lesser of two evils" and in this case feel I must put my Country ahead of my personal feelings.

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3 hours ago, Iggy said:


Basically my thoughts.


It's worth pointing out that this varies in importance depending on which state you vote in. If you are in a swing state, it's more important to not 'waste' a vote on a third party candidate. If your state reliably votes for one or the other party, it matters less.

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3 hours ago, Iggy said:

I've always been of the opinion that a Donald Trump Presidency could very well turn out to be an Extinction Level Event for this country


I'm curious to know how a Trump Presidency has the potential to turn out to be a ELE...especially when Clinton is acting the warhawk in terms of Russia. At every turn with her it's, "The Russians! The Russians hacked us! The Russians, they're killing Syrian children by the bushel with blunt spoons! The Russians, they've stolen the moon and a building a secret Nazi base on it!". 


Obama and Kerry are already poking the Russians, Hillary is just going to push us over the edge...


I don't know about you guys, but I don't particularly feel an over abundant need to go to war with a nation that considers the use of nuclear weapons by battlefield commanders as an acceptable action in defending it's interests and borders. If I wanted to wake burned, blind, and dying... I'd set myself on fire before bed, not elect a war monger. 


I'm also concerned about her ability to actually make rational decisions. During the third debate, Clinton mentioned the ToT (Time on Target) our LGM-30 ICBMs had, claiming it was four minutes. As a former Secretary of State, she would certainly be privy to that information...why, on national television, during a simple debate, would she mention something that sensitive and classified, I'm certain I don't know. Because at that moment, military strategists the world over scribbled that into their notepads and beat feet to their strategic planning boards to formulate a war game based on US ICBMs launching and striking targets in a four minute time frame and factored that into their own preemptive strike and retaliatory strike, and missile defense options. 


I haven't the foggiest if what she said was true (that kind of information is extremely sensitive), but it doesn't matter, because she willingly gave out a quantifiable number on a really fucking serious matter. 


Yeah, everyone things Trump is going to have a big red button sitting on the Resolute Desk that he can whack and drop nukes on whomever he pleases, but that's NOT how the system works, nor can he change how it works. The release of nuclear weapons by US Forces is an extremely controlled action, requiring at least THREE approval codes from members of the National Command Authority, as well as meet criteria as set forth by STRATCOM.  


Forcing the hand of another nation into using it's nuclear weapons? You don't have to do anything, but make them think your going to attack them first. 


Even the Washington Times knows she's obsessed with the Russians; http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/oct/4/vladimir-putin-is-hillary-clintons-russian-red-her/

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