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Surgeon who plans to transplant patient’s head is accused of being Dr Frankenstein

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The man set to undergo the world’s first head transplant appeared on TV to explain the groundbreaking surgery, leaving viewers baffled.



The skull of wheelchair-bound and terminally ill Valery Spiridonov, 31, will be attached to a completely different body when he undergoes the dramatic procedure.


This will involve freezing his body, cutting the neck and spinal cord and moving the head onto the donor body, before it is reattached using a special type of glue, The Sun reports.


“My motivation is about improving my own life condition,” Spiridonov said on Good Morning Britain about his decision to have the surgery.


“It’s to get to the stage where I will be able to take care of myself and independent from other people.”


The Russian added: “Today my life is tough. I need people to help me every day, twice a day.”


After his revelation, fans took to Twitter to share their shock and surprise.


A transfixed viewer wrote: “So there’s going to be a first head transplant ... Have I woke up in the twilight zone???”


Another wrote: “Oh. My. Days ... WORLDS FIRST HEAD TRANSPLANT.”


Clearly perplexed, one shared their confusion about the pioneering process.


One wrote: “That bloke this morning on GMB who wants the first head transplant Just can’t get my head around it.”


Another speculated: “Bloody head transplant, feel like I’m in the future!


One heaped scepticism on what has been dubbed a “Frankenstein” treatment and wrote: “Messing with nature! Going to freaking far now.”


One shared their view and added: “The first ever head transplant. Now that’s Frankenstein’s monster come true.”


Italian neurosurgeon Dr Sergio Canavero will be taking charge of the surgery which sees the brain dead head of a donor transplanted onto that of Spiridonov’s. The medic told the show he was confident of its success.


Previously, he has revealed the groundbreaking operation will take place in December 2017.


He has detailed Spiridonov’s head will be cooled to minus 15 degrees Celcius before being severed.


Yet Dr Canavero has been blasted by fellow expertssaying his surgery is not plausible because of issues connecting the spinal cords, while also raising ethical dilemmas.


Strong critic Alberto Delitala, president of the Italian Society of Neurosurgery, said: “If Canavero really had found a revolutionary technique to reconnect the spinal cord, then why not apply it to people with spinal cord injury before attempting a head transplant? I think that Canavero’s proposal is an escapist flight of fancy which unfortunately today is not possible.”


He added: “Our association’s stance is very clear: the central theme in the scientific method is that any new technique must be based on experimental tests submitted to an international scientific community before being applied to human beings.


“But Canavero has never been able to prove that he has succeeded in a head transplant on an animal.”


After his time on the treatment table, Spiridonov will spend four weeks in an induced coma as his body heals.


Good Morning Britain’s own Dr Hilary Jones raised his eyebrows as to the prospects of its success.


He said the worse case scenario would be Spiridonov’s body would reject the head of the donor.



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On 9/20/2016 at 10:54 AM, Krazychic said:

He said the worse case scenario would be Spiridonov’s body would reject the head of the donor.


Gee, that sounds pleasant.


What about it flat-out not working and Spiridonov only having partial attachment to the body?  Start paralyzed, end paralyzed.

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Apparently they successfully pulled it off with a monkey. 


I know....I know....it sounds like utter horse shit. It's probably because it is.....in fact....I think it is..... 



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If all the bits connect properly and nothing is rejected, there isn't really any reason why it shouldn't work. i'm not making any pretense that this operation has more than like a 1% chance of success but neither are the surgeon or the guy who wants his head put on a different body. they know the risks. for the patient, it's just a matter of 100% chsnce of dying young in a failing body or 99% chance of dying due to complications

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So correct me if I'm wrong, but...even if it's a compatible one, doesn't the body eventually reject all organs requiring replacements?  I wonder how that would work on a brain.  Would your immune system attack it and cause excessive inflammation and tissue death?  That'd be pretty scary.  To know that these headaches you're having are signs that your own body is killing your very being.


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