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Eschaton does not work on OS X Sierra so I started working on a tag editor that will eventually be merged with the Mac version of Electron. It's called Vega. The majority of the backend code is compatible with Windows so someone can port it if they wish. Vega uses .ent plugins (just like Eschaton) so any improvements to those will also be accessible to Eschaton. 


Planned Features

Bitmap (bitm)

  • Drag and drop images onto Vega to replace / create a new bitmap tag

Model (mod2)

  • 3D Model viewer (with textures, shaders, coll wireframe)
  • Drag and drop models (.obj) onto Vega to replace / create new model tags [with coll support eventually added]

Scenario (scnr)

  • Electron 


  • Modify tag attributes
  • Duplicate, delete and rename tags 
  • Copy and paste tags across different maps
  • Merge duplicate tags
  • Add and delete reflexives





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