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Waiting for space to clear "mssg"

I recently modded a map by adding a teleporter pair and duplicating scenery that was already on the map. Map looks like it loads ok, but won't start stuck on screen saying "waiting for space to clear"

Map does have existing teleporters.

Also I did try to run map in Slayer mode & CTF (same result)


I was able to open the map with "Sparkedit" and noticed that all the player spawn points have been removed and all the MP flags as well. (broke map?)



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On certain maps, Sparkedit can do some serious damage to the scenario tag. You need to back up your work before you use these types of tools.


Unfortunately, we don't have the map, so we can't see how damaged it is, but my guess is that it's completely broken and you'll have to start over.





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In response to:
"Waiting for space to clear "mssg"


Sorry for the long response .. ..   .(blah.. blah.. blah..

I know I repeat myself a lot when I'm

explaining something that involves typing.


I guess the reason is to explain the subject in a different perspective.


so , please bear with me.


Thank You,




When I get that message "waiting for space to clear" while playing on a

halo custom edition server, I do the following for myself!


Anyway here's my solution: (works for me) read on..


All you have to do is change your team:

Which can be accomplished by going to the halo menu.

From there, you have the opportunity to choose what team

you'd like to start the game off with. (red or blue)


If the problem is there when you are blue, then switch

to the red team. (whew).. its simple when you think about  it.


Sometimes when I join a server it just keeps on beeping

and putting the same message.


but I found out the answer accidentally.



there are 2 team's no matter what game

halo or halo custom edition

that you are playing.


1 red team and the other team would be blue.


If you attempt to join a server and get the message, then just try

what I recommended. It works for me.



so if there's a problem joining the server with being

one color.. then


Try to change to red first:

if successful, then they game will resume from where you left

off at. (ta-dah).




if that didn't work.. then just switch to the blue team (it's set that way by default).

It's because I only have one player on the map!


You need both.


If you don't specify a blue player,  then the game goes into that stage. 

Add a player on the opposite team using sapien and compile again.  done.


I hope that helps.




aka: Joey

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