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Creating a Map from Scratch

Hey everyone, I'm new to making/editing Halo CE maps; but I want to either start from scratch, or take bits an pieces of old starter maps to create something totally new. 


I want to know what programs I should use, and if anyone can help me out and be a part of the project, I think the end result will be very good looking, and a sweet training map.


Main issues I'm running into:

 ~graphics for the map, as they will be almost all custom

 ~learning how to create portals, as well as weapon spawn points

 ~overall creation of the map (building walls, different levels, etc.


Again anyone willing to help point me in the right direction is appreciated. Thanks!

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You're going to need 3Ds Max or GMax to do your 3D Modeling if you want to MAKE a map. If you just want to edit an existing map, then go and download HEK (Halo Editing Kit): http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=411

If you want more freedom with the Editing Kit, then you can use a modified version of it by Kornman. http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=1422 This modified version is recommended ONLY when you become experienced in using HEK. This version unlocks features that can break your files if you configure them incorrectly.


Extensive tutorial on how to create a fully custom map of your own: http://hce.halomaps.org/hek/


You can google youtube videos on how to use HEK to place items on a map. HEK installs a tool called Sapien which is very much like Forge mode on the consoles. Once you understand the layout and how to use it, it'll be a breeze.


I haven't modded in a few years so I'll be a bit fuzzy on the subjects, but I'll try to help you out as I can. I've never created a map or 3D models however. I'm more of a guy who edits existing models, poorly animates them, and puts them into the game.

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If you aren't already familiar with 3D modeling tools and the like, this is a really annoying thing to jump into. The down and dirty of it isn't difficult - making walls and seamless worlds and all that jazz - the annoying part are the errors and troubleshooting from whatever tool.exe spits out after compile.


I played with this, and realized that the amount of time I would spend getting an "ok" map into this ancient engine is about 5x the amount of work to get a level into a newer one, and the newer one will look 5x as good.


It's just exponential returns at this point. I can't really recommend anyone starting to mod this game if they aren't already familiar with it.

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