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This is a wrapper for a Halo dedicated server. It will log whenever the Halo server is closed, indicating if it exited successfully or if a crash was detected. It will forcibly restart if Halo hangs for 10 seconds, as well, which is done by pinging the server every second.


The syntax is:

firebird.exe <path to log text file> <path to halo dedicated server> [any arguments to pass along to the Halo dedicated server]


Here is a video if it in action:


Download (Windows 32-bit): firebird.7z

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So after a crash the server still has to be manually closed in order to restart?

Yep! That's why it's so amazing.


Actually, I just figured out how to close the "Waiting for X to close" window. I just uploaded a version that will close it if Halo hangs for 10 seconds.

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