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indoor race [how to make indoor race more fun]

seems like the default way of the race in indoor maps maybe not that good.
for these reasons;
*for 'normal' and 'any order' mode;
since we don't know the enemy flag indicators, we don't know when to kill.
for example, if a enemy is near by me but his next flag indicator maybe far, but since i have no idea about it, i kill him, and he spawns near his flag marker. so, i made him the game easy. etc...
*for rally mode;
now even we all have the same flag indicators, i still thinks the maps are too small to stop them, because some might spawn near the flag marker and hard to stop him that instant etc...

so, i was thinking some random things to make the game a bit more fun.
and suddenly this idea came to mind.

idea: what about we spawn a flag in the map. and to score a race score, player must have the flag in hand.




so, now we know who to kill atleast. even in 'any order' mode, all we have to do is dont let them have the flag. cz without the flag they cant score the race...

but, to even test this, sapp doesnt have anything regard to race.
event_score wont work, no commands to set race scores, etc....

if sapp had commands like,
working event_score and a command for 'race_score $n'
i could have tried just... something...

event_score "$if_the_player_has_the_flag_variable=0" 'race_score $n -1'

(to get the score back if he scores it without the flag. etc...)

so, lua needed badly for this.
which is not in my range.....

so, if someone of you interested to make a lua script for this; should consider following;

*if a player tires to go to a race flag indicator, it should be disabled if the player don't have the flag with him.
(like the error noise you hear when you try to score in a ctf game when flag is not at home)
*as well as, if player has the flag, he should be able to score a race score..
*i dont know whether two teams need two individual flags. or the game can have multiple flags etc..,  but for now i don't thinks so. maybe it can be a future option if this become successful. but for now, one flag is the idea.
i don't know whether this will be fun or not without playing it.

but i feel like indoor race is a abandoned opportunity to make a fun game.

also, meany of the gametypes in my server are either uncommon or nobody ever use, and i made them fun with the adjustments, and they works.


also, whether this script is possible or not possible to make, feel free to use this thread to share you suggestion mods for indoor race.

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more reality: https://goo.gl/blpPTt

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That's a pretty good idea and it shouldn't be too hard to do with lua. I might try to do this when I'm not too busy/lazy.


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if sapp had commands like, working event_score for race, i could have tried just... something...




Sapp 9.8 (2016. 08. 09.)
New: EVENT_SCORE is now raised when someone scores a lap in race.


so..., since sapp updated the event_score to response to race as well, i have tried something......

this is an example gameplay with some random players.



i think this is the limit i can go with sapp as i expected. (and with weapon variable lua script of 002)



1. i just kill the players for going to a race nav point without the flag, and send a message, and remove a score point.

but its a mess, since not everyone has chat and not everyone read chat, there is a huge change to rage quit players.
the expected solution is a slimier solution just like we cant score in ctf games if the flag is not at home, blocking the scoring , with a sound, like an error sound.


2. flag can be lost as a result of flag glitching somewhere or simply just hard to find.
expected solution is flag to have an indicator just like in ctf games.
so, players can find the flag.


this should be more fun with teams. just added this post to get an idea. nothing more. :D

Edited by no offence

more reality: https://goo.gl/blpPTt

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