Spawning extra vehicles


Use the spawn command.

spawn <type> <name> <location_name>

This would really be better done with things like events than with scripts, as scripts cannot get the coordinates of locations.

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event_start $map:dangercanyon ho 'spawn vehi "vehicles\warthog\mp_warthog" h1'
event_start $map:dangercanyon ho 'spawn vehi "vehicles\warthog\mp_warthog" h2'

I forgot 1 important detail, you need to make custom commands for each vehicle.

add these to your commands.txt file

These commands spawn a vehicle or the venter commands actually spawn you in the vehicle.

Of course change to any vehicle you want, and name the locations anything you wan't, and change map name to the map you want.


she 'spawn vehi "vehicles\banshee\banshee_mp"' 1
shee she;venter
tan 'spawn vehi "vehicles\scorpion\scorpion_mp"' 1
tank tan;venter
ghos 'spawn vehi "vehicles\ghost\ghost_mp"' 1
ghost ghos;venter 
ho 'spawn vehi "vehicles\warthog\mp_warthog"' 1
hog ho;venter
rho 'spawn vehi "vehicles\rwarthog\rwarthog"' 1
rhog rho;venter
tu 'spawn vehi "vehicles\c gun turret\c gun turret_mp"' 1
tur tu;venter


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Added vehicle commands

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Try this: 

event_start $map:bloodgulch 'spawn vehi "vehicles\warthog\mp_warthog" 65.749 -120.409 0.118 0.20'


65.749 = x

-120.409 = y

0.118 = z

0.20 = rotation (IN RADIANS)


This example spawns a chain gun warthog middle-map on bloodgulch.

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