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EST. 14th of February, 2012

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Introduction to Memory Editing with Python and Halolib

Hi Everyone!

Halolib is free software I wrote for reading and editing Halo maps. You can edit files on disk, and even live-edit the map Halo PC is running from memory! It is written in Python 3, and distributed as source code. This guide will show you how to operate Halolib the way I do, using Visual Studio.

Visual Studio is a hefty download of several gigabytes. You can use whichever text editor or IDE you prefer, but I found Visual Studio to suck the least, after a thorough comparison here.
My setup includes the following programs, installed on Windows 64-bit: git, Anaconda Python 3.5, and Visual Studio Community 2015. You can reproduce my setup by following these instructions.
1. Downloading from GitHub


The project is hosted at https://github.com/ChadSki/halolib and the git download url is https://github.com/ChadSki/halolib.git.

Open PowerShell and type

git clone https://github.com/ChadSki/halolib.git

Then change directory into the newly created folder

cd halolib

You should be on the master branch and fully up to date.

If your git repo gets confused, just delete it and download a new one.


2. Opening the Project, Running Tests


Open `halolib.sln` with Visual Studio.


We should run tests to make sure that everything is working propertly.


Green checkmarks means we're good to go!

3. Loading a Map, Printing Tag Names


Now that we know everything is set up and working, launch an interactive Python window. In the menus, that's View > Other Windows > Python Interactive. The bitness doesn't really matter, but I always use 64-bit.


Begin by importing halolib. Then load a map from Halo's memory like so.

import halolib
map = halolib.HaloMap.from_memory()

But make sure that Halo is actually running! As of the 1.0 release, you ought to be using Halo PC 1.10.

fancy autocomplete

Just for fun, let's print the name of every tag in the map.

for tag in map.tags():


That was a lot of tags! We can add quoted strings to filter it down. Let's look for weapon tags with "pistol" in their name.


for tag in map.tags('weap', 'pistol'):


Two results! Let's use a teensy bit of regular expressions to make sure we only match the human pistol.


for tag in map.tags('weap', '[^ ]pistol'):

The "[^ ]" means "match any character except for space".


Cool, now we're only matching the human pistol.\


4. Using Variables, Editing Tags



Let's assign the pistol to a variable.

pistol = map.tag('weap', '[^ ]pistol')

Two things of note: first, when I only want one tag, I say map.tag instead of map.tags.

Second, if you just type a variable name and hit enter, the console will show you a representation of that object, as pictured below.


Weapons have several nested structs, so they can look a little complicated. Let's walk through it:

  1. "triggers" is a struct array. It holds a variable number of trigger structs.
  2. The pistol only has one trigger. So we'll access it using [0]. (Programmers start counting from 0.)
  3. Inside the trigger struct, there is "projectile", a tag reference.

Let's put that all together and make the pistol shoot rockets!

pistol.triggers[0].projectile = map.tag('proj', 'rocket')




Well done! Let's do something similar with the banshee.


First, find the multiplayer banshee weapon.

banshee_gun = map.tag('weap', 'mp', 'banshee')


If you provide multiple quoted strings, only tags which contain each name fragment will be returned. In this case, adding "mp" is enough to make sure we get the multiplayer banshee's tag.




Now, let's make it shoot warthogs!






This tutorial is a rather rough draft, so feedback and "this didn't work" reports are appreciated. I'll be revising this tutorial, and hopefully writing others.

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