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EST. 14th of February, 2012

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Down Under

Scripts for Camo Spawn & Vehicle "shooting"

I saw somewhere there was a event, lua script or entry for the ini.txt file for the following:


1) To prevent spawn killing (player has camo until he/she fires weapon)


2) Saw in game where player took "aim" (with weapon) at hog (vehicle) and vehicle "came to player"


Thanks in Advance!

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not a request but rather if someone saw this in a forum somewhere? I know they exist; as I saw them at one point. I will keep looking in the meantime. Thanks for the response!



BOOM!   found 1


spawn_protection [time]

Spawn Protection. For Example with spawn_protection 5 players will be invincible in the first 5 seconds (or till the first shot) after spawning.
Value can be between 1 and 10 (and 0 to disable spawn protection)


* feel free to move this topic if I am not in the correct area ;)

Edited by Down Under

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