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[VIDEO] Scripting Tutorial

[VIDEO]Scripting tutorial
Author: Nickster5000
I want to note that I apologize for the funky resolution on the video. 
The software I was using totally screwed it up, and I didn't realize it until I was editing. You can use these documents to follow along if you can't read what the video says: (These are the ones I used to make the video)
'Examples' PDF:
This is the PDF I used as examples after I covered a certain topic. This is where I made the color coding / highlights the most. YOU NEED TO WATCH THE VIDEO IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND THE MARKINGS.
'Overview' PDF:
This is what I used to outline everything I wanted to talk about. I look at it periodically throughout the tutorial to make sure I was covering everything. If I missed anything, it will be in here.
'Lives system example' PDF:
The chart I made representing how I wanted my lives system script to work. EXTREMELY USEFUL for outlining how I wanted my script to function.
'Lessons' PDF:
This is what I was writing all over to explain everything. Defines all the terms. If you can't read my handwriting, refer to the "Overview" PDF for typed definitions. 
I basically sat down for two hours (video length is 1 hour 57 minutes), made an outline of the things I wanted to talk about in this video and hammered it out with an example at the end. I used my tablet and utilized the highlighters and color-coding tools in onenote, so I think it turned out VERY well explanation wise. I am also releasing all of the documents that I used to read while I was making the tutorial, and everything I wrote on. It's nearly two hours, and I tried to make sure I explained everything the best I could. PLEASE, IF I MADE A MISTAKE, ERROR, OR SOMETHING THAT IS COMPLETELY INCORRECT, AS I AM NOT A MASTER SCRIPTER, PLEASE LET ME KNOW so I can fix the mistake[/size=2]. A few things I wanted to note:
-Watch it from start to finish. Don't skip around. There's things that I explained later than I should have when I was discussing a certain topic.
-Read my notes (the document 'outline' prior to watching the video, and follow along with the 'lesson' document.)
-Look into the example script I provided. Make sure it works. Revise it to make it how you want to work. 
-Practice. Utilize the documents halomaps provide to get better. 
-Sorry for any random pauses or anything unfitting. I did this in one take, and I don't have the time to edit the video. It will run smoother without any editing anyways  :D. I stopped the recording twice within the first 20 minutes, but after that, I went non-stop. 
-I was trying to explain more of the logic of how scripting works rather than specific commands being correct. It was hard for me to figure out on my own, so I wanted to create this so people can dive right in and get started faster.
-I made two mistakes. I have edited the "hsc" and the "lives system example" to reflect these changes. (The mistakes I made were: 1) forgot to subtract one life when you die and 2) I named the continuous script the same as the static void script. You cannot do that. Everything you name must be unique. 
I hope you guys get something out of this. Thanks for watching!  :D


Also, I want to add a note about continuous scripts that I learned after this tutorial:
(sleep -1) will pause the script, and using a (wake scriptname) will resume it starting with the line under (sleep -1), which can be very useful. 
Quoted from Halomaps.
I also proposed to make an entire tutorial over at halomaps, but didn't get a whole lot of feedback. What do you guys think?

Hello folks,

I've actually been thinking about doing this for a long time, and I thought this would be the perfect thread to present this in, rather than start a whole new one...
But would anyone take the time to sit through and watch an ENTIRE COURSE that I would design (and probably consult other pros and stuff) in a series of videos, where you learn how to make mostly EVERY SINGLE PORTION of a MAP from START TO FINISH? Here's my proposal / outline, let me know what you guys think:
Basically, I'm just going to create one map with two purposes, from start to finish, from layout and gameplay ideas to final compilation, with fully developed levels. These levels would of course be released for you guys to play, and learn stuff from. Let me know what you think!
I'm thinking about creating it in the December 2015 - January 2016 time frame, when school is out for winter. Of course I'll work on Sector 09 on the same time too!  :P
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It's always good to have more resources around here. We've been trying to do some Fallout 4 stuff lately but I'd be very interested to see more in-depth scripting stuff.

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