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Wolf Demon

About to cannibalize a bunch of external harddrives

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Use a RAID 10 controller to regedit the HDDs from 16- to 64-bit (make sure you install the Unix drivers and optical RAM beforehand).


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I found this old 320GB My Book hard drive laying around that my dad bought in 2005-ish. 320GB was a lot back then, so it cost a whole $300. My dad wanted me to throw it out before we moved in 2008, but I never got to it. Since nobody has used it in over 7 years, I opened it up.




I'd open it up further if I had one of those hexagon screwdrivers. Too bad I don't. This thing is heavy, so there's probably a lot of cool stuff inside of it. :/

I took apart one of my exterior 2TB drives a long time ago and use the drive as an internal drive. The harddrives inside the enclosure were actually Western Digital Black drives (the most expensive ones), and they were from a black friday sale at Target for $70. Was pretty stoked about that. Now I use the components from the case basically as a hot swap bay. I have the power source plugged in and the micro usb connected to my computer and if I need to quickly access one of my spare drives (since I literally have more harddrives than I can fit in my computers) I just plug it into that


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