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[HaloMD] Halo+

Hey, I made a new plugin called Halo+ for HaloMD and it's pretty neat. Here's what it does:

  • Fixes Intel Integrated Graphics Shaders
  • Reduces Halos CPU usage from 100% to 1-3% when it's in the background
  • Adds an extra resolution option corresponding to your screen size (so now you can go above 1440p)
  • Fixes a bug in El Capitan where Halo would crash when in window mode
  • Enables 16x ansiotropical filtering
  • Increases the maximum bsp poly limit
  • Increases the number of objects that can be visible at once

Beta download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1pkucyfx5crdhhn/Halo%2B.mdplugin.zip?dl=0

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That's very good, actually. Water shaders, glass shaders, and everything seems to work, now, and after all this time.


The 9x FSAA is pretty awesome when shaders work. Now HaloMD users can play Phoenix 3 without crashing into trees and also get lens flares every time someone does anything.






The options in the settings menu seems to be broken, now. I click on any one of them and they all reset to the minimum value, or they say, <missing string>.

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Does this mean Mac graphics are finally on par with Windows graphics for identical hardware? (HaloMD vs Halo PC + HAC2)


Since there's now a hack that gives Windows users anti-aliasing, it would appear so.

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