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Hi there!


The name is tarikja. I am german and currently 20 years old.


I started gaming seriously with Halo 2 Vista in 2007/08. So you could say I played H2V since the beginning.

But over time the game died down and with it all my contacts from that era (Era end around 2012).


'Recently' I started to play Halo CE again and now try to resocialize with its community.


I found Open Carnage through molesting the URL of the new HAC2 page.^^

Now I hope I will like this forum but don't expect me to frequently start or comment on threads because I normally don't.


If you want to now a bit more about me then check my Xfire-profile.

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Welcome!! Good luck resisting to post here, it's an infectious community.

Rumors are carried by haters
Spread by fools
Accepted by idiots

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