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Parallax Redux

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This is a total gameplay and visual effects mod for Danger Canyon.
Installation instructions are located within the download file.





MA5C Assault Rifle:
The MA5C Assault Rifle is capable of delivering more accuracy than is predecessor at the cost of a marginally shallower clip. This weapon is best against light infantry.

M6D Pistol:
The M6C is a single fire pistol capable of delivering quite a punch to any unit within its short-mid ranged capability, but unlike its cousin this version does not offer a scope and has considerable kick, making it considerably inaccurate when firing slugs in quick succession.

SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle:
The standard SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle is simple but elegant; it is capable of firing four rounds per clip in semi-auto fire with unmatched precision up to and including extreme long range. The high-caliber round will down most infantry in one shot, however shielded enemies will require a second round or a clean shot to the head for a kill.

The Dicer fires multiple crystalline projectiles per shot, similar to a shotgun but with an explosive punch. If enough projectiles impact an unshielded enemy they can super-combine into a much larger explosion, instantly killing the target.

Nade Launch:
This grenade launcher features three barrels capable of firing a single low yield rifle-grenade each, with great accuracy. These grenades will detonate instantly on impact with a variety of surfaces, making them perfect against moving targets including vehicles.

Ray Gun:
This weapon (also known as the Christmas Tree), fires an unstable and highly radioactive ball of energy, a direct impact from this projectile will cause instant death to infantry, however impacts from its stray plasma plumes on flyby will only flare energy based shielding. This weapon is best used for heavy situations.

This weapon features full-auto firing capability of dense crystalline projectiles with moderate mid-ranged tracking capability. Upon impact these projectiles detonate into smaller shards as shrapnel, and in some cases, cause a super detonation if enough of these projectiles are combined into a target.

The Impaler fires ultra-dense crystalline projectiles at extreme velocities in semi-auto fire. These ultra-dense projectiles instantly shatter on impact of any hard surface with enough force to wound any units in immediate vicinity of the detonation. This weapon is best for mid-ranged support.


MezZz (Sceny) for flag textures and reticles
Grav for Grenade Launcher model

Dirk Gently



Note: This mod was primarily designed for CTF, however all variants are supported.
Standard weapon sets are highly recommended.

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I'm going to see if maybe I can get a UV map going of that tuckgun nade launcher fp model. I like that it looks different than the shotgun, instead of "being" a shotgun model like in phoenix3. I'll post any results here

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That would be fantastic, thanks!


I had that custom made for that nade launcher, which was originally introduced in Parallax, before Phoenix. I got tired of the plain skin, so i just swapped it back to the shotgun model in Phoenix.

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Alrighty, here's an update. I extracted the mod2 using HEK+, opened the .gbxmodel in gmax, got a UV map from it, and went ahead and made an extremely basic "section test" to see a general idea of how the UV is unwrapping from the model. 


So far it's fairly hopefull, as it's in sections and clearly defined so far, but...there's a lot of overlap in the existing UV. Normally that's not an issue, but I'd have to recompile the model in Custom Edition, port it over to PC and then extract it to see it in-game properly. What I'll do is go ahead and see if I can get a clean non-overlap UV map, and how long that takes, etc. If it's not worth the time there, I'll see how it looks unwrapped as-is if I just map it correctly and give it a basic skin. If it looks terrible/is not mapping well at all, then I'll go back to Plan A with a new UV map.


Here's what I've got so far:





and a video I took of the perspective of the bottom of the map, just for kicks and giggles.


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Its going to take a long ass time, ill tell you that haha. The UV is all overlapped, so ill have to map it face by face and arrange it so I can skin it. There's too much crossover for a texture as of now. Unfortunately 3DS is being a dick, and I'm learning how to use gmax now. Gmax is very similar, but there's no built in functions for it, so I have to do it by hand, which will take some time. Ill update here as it develops

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This is really slow going - I'm getting 3DS 2010 again because gmax is a pain to work with, owing to its limitations. I managed to get the grip completely UV'd, but it took almost an hour by hand, which is ridiculously impractical for the whole weapon, since the poly count on the barrel segment with the "ridges" is through the roof. I'll update again once I have something solid going. Patience ;)






I finally managed to get the UV map to unwrap with some decent sense of what I was looking at. Now that I have that done, I can whip up a quick texture to see if that will align properly. Once I determine that it does, and get it textured in 3DS, I'll have to export the model as a .jms, compile it in tool, and then get it into a CE map, so I can start seeing skins in-game.



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I've finally managed to get the model back in game with a corrected UVW map and can now commence texture testing. I'll make a custom diffuse, mutipurpose, and hopefully a fakebump from some embossing that should double as a detail map. 


here's what I've got as of now:





Alrighty - so I know my UVW isn't exactly "efficient" in its space usage, but I'm not a 3D modeling guy and had to practically tear my own teeth out trying to get this to work. I went through gmax, which was bullshit, then tried 3DS 2010, which made it a lot easier. I'll simply make up for any lack of resolution later on with a slightly larger bitmap. Currently it's sitting at a 1024^2, maybe a 2048^2 may be needed to keep the skin looking nice without having to go through this whole pain in the ass process again. Honestly using the HEK was one of the worst parts.




all that's over now, and the fun part can begin! Will keep updating as progress.....progresses.

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