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Bomb Run 4K

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This mod is the one and true successor to Bomb Run 3D. There are many changes from the past version.


All of the weapons have been balanced in the style of Bomb Run 3D, but in 4K.

  • The Plasma Pistol has been nerfed due to being overpowered. Now, if you use its secondary fire, you will immediately explode.
  • The Plasma Rifle is now a throwable weapon that sticks to any surface and explodes while leaving a trail of deadly plasma.
  • The Shotgun has been nerfed due to being overpowered. If you fire it seven times, it will explode.
  • The Rocket Launcher and Fuel Rod Gun will explode if you fire them, but at different times.
  • The Assault Rifle has been buffed, and will shoot fragmenting rounds that, if directly hit, will slightly damage the target's health in addition to their shields.
  • The Sniper Rifle has been nerfed and will jam if you fire it too quickly. This is to deter people from abusing it.
  • The flamethrower shoots plasma rifles that explode.

And some modifications to the vehicles:

  • The banshee and ghost are now in 4K and they can hold 16 players. That's right. 16.
  • The machine gun warthog can hold 16 players, too, and can also fly. It also shoots explosive popcorn.
  • The rocket warthog rapidly fires rockets in front of itself, while also being able to fire rockets from the gunner seat.

Some misc. changes:

  • The overshield and active camouflage have been upgraded to 4K.
  • The flashlight has also been upgraded to 4K.
  • The sky is in 4K.


(pending video)

Download (Halo PC/ HaloMD): bombrun4k_1.map.7z

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Is this the official Bomb run 4k in 4k or is this just a ripoff?

Only the true Bomb Run 4K has 4K powerups.


Those powerups had to take over 4000 pixels to render.

Watch out for ripoffs like Bomb Run 4.1, Bomb Run 480p, and Bomb Run 2159p. Those aren't in 4K.

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