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April Fools Scavenger Hunt!

As we all should know, many people are pulling their April Fools gags today. I feel like I'm obligated to find them all. Although that's pretty impossible. So don't we all just share whatever the hell we find.

Playing Path of Exile today, they changed a skill "Cast when Damage Taken" to "Cats when Damage Taken"... It'l make sense


Youtube also added a "Add Music" button which plays a portion of "Darude-Sandstorm"... never gets old...

"You're nothing but a thing to me." -Tucker933 2016   

"Mine's not huge, but neither are my hands, so it's a real good fit." -Badga666 2017                

"It's not incest until it's in." -Caesar 2017

"Poison dart frogs aren't poisonous. Mankind is a poison and the dart frogs are the cure." -Somewhere on the internet 

"I felt left out so I added myself to your signature." -Pfhunkie 2020

"English isn't my primary language. It's also the only language I know." -ShikuTeshi ????
"In the quiet the silence is louder." -My Sister 2021

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